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We recently had the opportunity to upgrade Rebecca Richter, an elementary school teacher, with new staplers! Given the different demands that she had of her stapler, we knew that only one traditional desktop stapler wouldn’t suffice. Instead, we exchanged her old stapler with the following: 747 Desk Stapler in Rio Red for the ‘va va voom’ everyone needs in their life: What Rebecca had to say: “Can an office supply be beautiful? Why, yes it can. And this stapler is beautiful. When I first laid eyes upon it, I wondered if Swingline was perhaps having the stapler painted at the same place as the 1965 Ford Mustang. It is cherry-red and I love it! This stapler is also very heavy. It is all metal, except for the rubber base. Best of all, in this color, it will be very difficult to lose!” Swingline Tot Stapler that would add the perfect amount of cuteness to every day: “Well…adorable. It seems that I, like most of my friends, love anything in miniature. And the colors are great. Even the staples are pretty! But, and this is genius, the BEST part about this stapler is that it is ALSO A STAPLE REMOVER! This is going […]
We have been bopping around in our seats all day in the office this morning! Knowing that we are only hours away from a long holiday weekend is almost too much excitement to bear! Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with different ideas on how to celebrate days off, so check out our list and see if anything speaks to you! 1. Get away for the night (or maybe 2!): There’s something about staying in a cozy hotel room where room service can be ordered and you aren’t responsible for cleaning any of the messes made. Take a load off and spend your weekend being taken care of by others. Real Simple provided us with 50 hotels that won’t break your bank! 2. Chicago idea center: So maybe we are a little biased, but here at Swingline we would argue Chicago to be the best city in the world. If you find yourself lucky enough to be spending your weekend in this windy city, be sure to check out Chicago’s best foodie street, there will surely be restaurants to satisfy your tastebuds. 3. Have your own Staycation: This idea is one of my favorites. It’s not always necessary to travel far when getting […]
We shared with you last week some of the tastiest recipes for an outdoor BBQ. Between delicious food and a fun atmosphere, you can host the perfect get together for you and all your friends. To help you host without a hitch, we have shared some of our top tips for having it all together. 1. Turn That Music Up: Music is always good because it gets people moving and breaks up any silences that may happen. We recommend putting together a playlist that will give you a good assortment of different music genres and songs. If there are any in particular that really get your guests moving, you can always put the song on repeat. Or, if you’re interested in a certain artist but are also curious to hear other similar songs, try Pandora Radio and let them select the music for you! 2. Keep the Food/Drinks Coming: Try some of the recipes we shared last week or look at our pinterest board for more dishes to prepare. Ask each of your guests to come with one plate to share and your selection will quickly grow and your guests can munch all night. With the summer heat, you want to […]

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The Swingline name means products you can trust. For over 80 years we’ve helped you successfully achieve your workplace goals and move on to other projects. From staplers to trimmers and punches; from sharpeners to shredders including the revolutionary NEW Stack-and-Shred; you can depend on Swingline to help you get the job done.

A Few Words About Staplers

Staplers have been around for 300 years, and the idea is even older. But they weren’t exactly practical until the 19th century. There’s a lot more to know, and it’s fun and interesting (no cribbing for term papers, now.)

A Few Words About Us

Located in the rolling hills northwest of Chicago, Swingline made its reputation over 60 years ago as the first stapler manufacturer to let you pop open the top of the product and drop in the staples. Seriously. We’ve been making equally revolutionary developments in office products ever since. Swingline is a division of the ACCO Brands Corporation.

A Few Words About Opportunities For You

You don’t have to be a megaplex warehouse retailer in order to sell Swingline products. A good number of our dealers are people like–well, people like you. If our products fit into your business plan, we’d love to hear from you.