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The weekend is here and our bellies are growling! Judging by these two factors, there’s no better time than now to get outside and fire up the grill for some pre-summer grilling. We were inspired by our Sizzlin’ Sweepstakes  to explore with some fun outdoor styles and some tasty recipes! The best part of grilling out is the countless different recipes and side dishes that you can prepare. But between the wind and the bugs, it’s easy for your recipe cards to go from pristine and legible, to sticky and tangy….bleh! To avoid this, try laminating your recipes with our Swingline™ Fusion™ 1100L laminator and our Swingline™ LongLife™ thermal pouches. To get your mind going and your mouth watering, we’re highlighting some of our top recipe picks! Click the linked name for the complete recipe for each. 1. Grilled Fava Beans: The picture alone is enough to make us want to try these. Olive oil, chile, lemon, salt and fava beans make for the perfect side dish. 2. Grilled Artichoke with Lemon Remoulade: Artichokes are one of those nostalgic foods for me. I can remember sitting around the counter with my siblings as we all fought for the last leaf and the heart of the artichoke. […]
Swingline is ready for summer and is hosting the Swingline Sizzlin’ Sweepstakes to help you gear up as well! Enter today through May 30th for your chance to WIN a $250 gift card to Home Depot! Along with the gift card, our grand prize winner will receive a Rio Red 747® Stapler, 1100L Fusion™ Laminator, Optima® Premium Staples, as well as a 12 sheet SmartTouch™ 3-Hole Punch. One grand prize winner will be able to use their gift card to prepare their outdoor space for all the festivities coming this summer! From lawn chairs to outdoor serving trays, you can equip yourself with all the necessities to host your best outdoor party. Check out our pinterest board with different recipes for your grill or fun side dishes to prepare. We have also filled it with different outdoor space décor ideas and some DIY projects! Summer is the best time to get together with those you love and enjoy the sunshine and fresh flowers. Click Here to Enter the Sweepstakes   Enter once a day to maxamize your chances to win these great prizes. All it takes is one entry for a chance to win! It’s easy to sign up – simply “Like” Swingline on facebook and enter the Swingline Sizzlin’ […]
It’s a necessary evil to learn the do’s and don’t’s of email exchanges. Sure, throwing out abbreviations and recognized expressions may be appropriate when sending quick texts back and forth with your best friend but, “Sure, I’ll totes finish that project later. Super swamped right now. Ttyl!”, won’t go over as well with your boss. Therefore, to help you with your etiquette, we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the most important things to remember when responding to or sending out emails. Avoid the Cutesy Email Address: Let’s start with the basics, your email address will directly affect the way others perceive you. If your address seems childish, you may not be taken as seriously as you should be. It’s always a safe bet to have your Simple is better, now is not the time to show off your creativity. Respond in a Timely Fashion: People will understand not replying immediately to their email, but they won’t want to wait for days to hear back from you. Even if you aren’t sure how to reply to the sender, acknowledge that you’ve seen the email and assure them that you will be able to answer their question or give them the information […]

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The Swingline name means products you can trust. For over 80 years we’ve helped you successfully achieve your workplace goals and move on to other projects. From staplers to trimmers and punches; from sharpeners to shredders including the revolutionary NEW Stack-and-Shred; you can depend on Swingline to help you get the job done.

A Few Words About Staplers

Staplers have been around for 300 years, and the idea is even older. But they weren’t exactly practical until the 19th century. There’s a lot more to know, and it’s fun and interesting (no cribbing for term papers, now.)

A Few Words About Us

Located in the rolling hills northwest of Chicago, Swingline made its reputation over 60 years ago as the first stapler manufacturer to let you pop open the top of the product and drop in the staples. Seriously. We’ve been making equally revolutionary developments in office products ever since. Swingline is a division of the ACCO Brands Corporation.

A Few Words About Opportunities For You

You don’t have to be a megaplex warehouse retailer in order to sell Swingline products. A good number of our dealers are people like–well, people like you. If our products fit into your business plan, we’d love to hear from you.